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Backgammon Setup: An Overview

So what does the set up for backgammon entail? Basically, the players have to move all of their pieces past that of their opponents’ pieces. The two players move their checkers in opposing directions, moving from their own “24-point” marker towards their “1-point” marker. In the beginning, all of the pieces are scattered around the board. Players are encouraged to remove each others’ pieces from play. At the game’s start, each player places their checkers at various locations on the board:

  • Two checkers on his or her 24-point
  • Three checkers on his 8-point
  • Five checkers each on his 13-point and his 6-point
Backgammon Set UP

As for the actual backgammon setup, participants move their set of 15 pieces (known alternately as “checkers,” “stones’ or “disks”) over a path that’s marked by two rows of 12 markings (or “points”). The points are further divided in two “quadrants.” These points are referred to by additional names: points 1-6 are called the “home board” or “inner board,” while points 7-12 are called the “outer board.” In addition, the 7-point location is known as the “bar point,” while the 13-point location is known as the “mid-point.”

Generally, individual backgammon games last no more than 30 minutes. Therefore, players tend to play backgammon matches, with the winner being the first player who reaches a pre-determined number of points. Interestingly, players can raise the game’s stakes before it even begins; if the challenge is denied, the challenger wins the game by forfeit.
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